OSW-PH-R-13-25 – Shelvoche Ruyton X1 Towns

Shelvoche. Ruyton of the XI Towns. (Rev.M.Bulkeley Owen.)   Volume 4 Stanley Leighton Sketches
Thomas Thornes was seated here in 1476. In 1599 his descendant Richard. augmented the estate by purchasing a third portion of the Manor of Ruyton from George Younge, the son of Thos. Younge, Arch-bishop of York, who had bought the Manor in 1567 from the Earl of Arundel and others. The family of Thornes, originally of Shrewsbury, were strong Royalists in the Rebellion. On the death of Thos. Thornes it 1678 the estate passed to his sister who married Sir Vincent Corbet Bt. of Moreton. The heiress of Sir Vincent carried the property into the family of Kynaston of Hordley, and on the death of Corbet Kynaston in 1740 it passed to his co-heir at law, Sir Charlton Leighton Bt. through his marriage with Anna Maria Mytton, by whom it was sold to the Owens of Woodhouse.

On the range of outbuildings, is the date, 1606, with the initials R.T. (Richard Thornes) and E.T. (Elizabeth Thornes who was a Mytton).

The sexagonal building in the foreground, is older than the out-buildings, and was probably connected with the entrance gate of the mansion, which was taken down in 1860.

There was here a small deer park and a mere.
Devolution of the estate

1476 Thornes

1678 Corbets by heirship

1712 Kynastons by heirship

1748 Leightons by heirship

1774 Owens of Woodhouse by purchase

1832 Owens of Tedstore by purchase