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Welcome to the home page of Oswestry Family and Local History Group. We are a group of approved volunteers, formed and hosted by Oswestry Library in Shropshire, UK. We are interested in family history and the local history of Oswestry and the neighbouring Shropshire/Welsh border region. To read more about the group see Contact us

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February 2019 – Shropshire Archives Needs Your Help

The Shropshire Archives is an important public asset containing a large collection of historic documents, including many colourful estate maps, railway and canal plans, old newspapers and much more; all of great interest to those investigating the history of our great county. It is housed in a large spacious modern building with excellent amenities and friendly helpful staff.

But it has fallen on hard times. Starved of necessary funds it has turned into a quasi-commercial operation providing very limited opening hours and charging exorbitant fees for some of its services. It is open only three days a week for six hours each day and no evening hours. It charges an eye watering £10 for a one-day photography permit and a staggering £2 for A3 copies.

Cuts imposed in Shrewsbury and Westminster have led to this state of affairs. It is considered to be a soft target by the politicians in charge of the purse-strings. Would you please contact local councillors and Members of Parliament?

Names and contact details of councillors can be found on:

Shropshire Council Committee Members

Shropshire MPs can be found in this list:

Owen Paterson: e-mail: Patersono@parliament.uk

Mark Pritchard: e-mail: mark.pritchard.mp@parliament.uk

Lucy Allan: e-mail: lucy.allan.mp@parliament.uk

Daniel Kawczynski: e-mail: kawczynskid@parliament.uk

Philip Dunne: e-mail: philip.dunne.mp@parliament.uk


December 2018 News

We would like to wish all our visitors a Happy Christmas & New Year and thank you all for visiting our website.

We have just loaded a further 100 photographs to various albums, there is a PDF at the start of that page which lists the names found in the photographs to help you find a relative.  We have also updated the Schools in Oswestry PDF.

2018 NEWS

We have just loaded onto the Research Resources page; St. Oswald’s WW1 Photograph Album which contains information about all the fallen men of this parish with matching photographs by M. LUTENER. Also added Dovaston, Maesbrook & Knockin Heath  Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions with photographs, Businesses in Oswestry Streets c 1958 and Burgess Records of Oswestry.  We are also constantly adding more information about Schools in Oswestry and the Suroounding Area.

We have just loaded a further 170 photographs to the Photo Album page.

We have just finished loading the last of the Soldiers on the WW1 Roll of Honour and WW1 Newspaper Articles & Letters which can be found under the Photograph Section.  The articles have no soldiers names in them but the letter section includes photographs of soldiers and medal awards.



We are delighted to tell you that thanks to match funding generously given by Bedstone Educational Trust, the digitization of the Border Counties Newspaper microfilms, in Oswestry Library, can now go ahead. On February 8th, the films will be sent to a firm in Manchester and the whole process should take about 4 weeks, so there will be some disruption to the look up service we offer but we are very excited about the future and the newspapers will now be preserved for the foreseeable future.

A very big “thank you” to all of you who have supported this venture.


Using our website

Roll of Honour helps you search for servicemen from Oswestry and the surrounding area mentioned in the Oswestry & Border Counties Advertizer’s Half Penny War Reports August 1914-January 1915.

Births, Marriages & Deaths (BMD) allows you to search various newspapers covering Oswestry, Montgomeryshire and Merionethshire between 1863 – 1877. (Cambrian News 1870, 1876 & 1877, Merionethshire Standard 1865, 1866 & 1868, & Merionethshire Herald 1863 now complete.)  Please don’t use the filter option for Salopian & Montgomeryshire Post

Research Resources provides helpful hints for your own family/local history research, including details of useful websites. Also lists of Local History Folders, Parish Records & Monumental Inscriptions, Converted Media and Parish Packs available in Oswestry Library. Copies of the Monumental Inscriptions for St Michaels, West Felton & St Chads, Haughton are held on this website. A copy of the Oswestry War Memorial Booklet. A file containing the Drawings of Mr Stanley Leighton from Sweeney Hall. The Story of Queens Park School, Oswestry. Documents containing information about Oswestry & Welsh Border area Crimean War Veterans.

Photo Albums of Oswestry and the surrounding area. Over 2500 Photographs/Slides/Negatives/Prints/Post Cards/WWI Newspaper Articles/WWI People.

Articles gives access to items of local and family interest. Some are about local people of national significance.

Group Projects provides information about projects we have completed

Contact Us  provides information about our help sessions and a form to help you make comments and ask questions should you wish. We will do our best to answer.


We would like to acknowledge the help and support given to the group by Oswestry Library and its staff.

Oswestry Library’s Local History Centre holds the second largest collection of local studies material in the county after Shropshire Archives including a Substantial Welsh Collection.

Details of Historic Documents/Books held in Shropshire Libraries/Archives can be searched for at: Shropshire History

Oswestry Library has a new collection of Cambrian Railway books here is information regarding it. Cambrian Railway Link & Info