Parish Constables


Before the advent of regular police forces, policing in villages was carried out by Parish Constables. These were appointed for a 12 month period of duty at the local Petty Sessions.

 The records of the Petty Sessions held in the Oswestry Town Council Archives (Ref 1) reveal the names and occupations of parish constables for Trefonen, Treflach and Nantmawr from around 1856 to 1895.  A selection of names appears below: 

Date of Appointment




27 March 1856

Samuel Tudor Treflach Wood Labourer


Thomas Tudor Trefonen Builder



26 March 1857

William Hughes Trefonen Labourer


Edward Tudor Treflach Wood Labourer



26 March 1858

Isaac Williams Treflach Wood Wheelwright



31 March 1859

John Davies Treflach Labourer


Charles Dolby Trefonen Carter



29 March 1860

David Morris Treflach Labourer


John Thomas Trefonnen Carrier



28 March 1861

John Jones Treflach Labourer


Richard Williams Trefonnen Labourer



27 March 1862

Edward Jones Treflach Labourer


Richard Roberts Moelydd, Trefonnen Labourer


John Roberts Side of Moelydd, Trefonnen Labourer



26 March 1863

James Davies Trefonnen Butcher


Thomas Powell Trefonnen, Moelydd Labourer


John Spruce Treflach nr Porthywaen Grazier



31 March 1864

Edward Griffiths Treflach Labourer


Richard Tunley Trefonnen Labourer



29 March 1866

John Phillips Porthywaen, Treflach Butcher


Benjamin Lloyd Nantmawr, Trefonen Labourer



28 March 1867

Allan Jones Nantmawr, Llanyblodwel Labourer



28 March 1868

Pryce Williams Treflach Smith



25 March 1869

John Tudor Treflach, nr Mr Savin’s row. Labourer


James Smith Trefonnen Engine driver


Thomas Jones Nantmawr, Llanyblodwel Labourer



31 March 1870

Isaac Williams Treflach Wheelwright


Thomas Howell Moelydd, Trefonnen Stone cutter


Watkin Watkin Nant Mawr, Llanyblodwel Shoe maker



30 March 1871

Thomas Morris Wernywheel, Treflach Labourer


Richard Lewis Drill Gravel, Trefonnen Labourer


William Pryce Nantmawr, Trefonnen Smith


Allen Jones Nantmawr, Llanyblodwel Labourer



28 March 1872

Edward Tudor Treflach Labourer


Charles Evans Nantmawr Labourer



26 March 1874

Samuel Jones Treflach Smith


David Meredith Moleydd, Trefonnen Rockman



25 March 1875

Richard Bates Trefonnen Shoemaker


Edward Davies Trefonnen Labourer


Thomas Jones Nantmawr, Llanyblodwel Labourer



30 March 1876

Thomas Ellis Treflach Stone cutter


Richard Lewis Trefonnen Labourer



29 March 1877

John Price Treflach Labourer


Thomas Oliver Trefonnen Mason



27 March 1879

Price Edwards Treflach Labourer


Edward Tudor Trefonnen Labourer



25 March 1880

John Thomas Treflach Labourer


Esau Dyke Trefonnen Labourer


Watkin Watkin Nantmawr, Llanyblodwel Shoemaker



31 March 1881

Isaac Williams Treflach Wheelwright


James Owen Trefonnen Shopkeeper



30 March 1882

Samuel Jones Treflach Smith


Thomas Oliver Trefonnen Mason


Thomas Dyke Trefonnen Labourer



29 March 1883

Charles Evans Treflach Labourer


Richard Lewis Trefonnen Labourer


Richard Bates Trefonnen Shoemaker


Watkin Watkin(s) Nantmawr, Llanyblodwel Shoemaker



27 March 1884

Thomas Houlston Treflach Labourer


John Phillips Treflach Butcher


George Francis Trefonnen Brickmaker


Watkin Watkin(s) Nantmawr, Llanyblodwel Shoemaker



26 March 1885

Thomas Evans Forest, Treflach Labourer


John Thomas Trefonnen Farmer



25 March 1886

William Watkin Treflach Labourer


Joseph Ellis Treflach Labourer



31 March 1887

Daniel Davies Treflach Farmer


Price Edwards Trefonnen Labourer


Robert Vaughan Trefonnen Carpenter



29 March 1888

Henry Jones Treflach Carpenter


Esau Dyke Trefonen Labourer


Thomas Hughes Nantmawr Shopkeeper



28 March 1889

Lewis Dyke Treflach Labourer


Thomas Oliver Nantmawr, Trefonen Mason


John Breeze Jnr Trefonen Shoemaker



27 March 1890

John Ellis Treflach Provision Dealer


Edward Tudor Nantmawr, Trefonen Labourer



26 March 1891

William Tudor Treflach Labourer


John Carsley the younger Nantmawr Labourer


Moses Meredith Trefonen Collier



31 March 1892

William Watkin Treflach Labourer


Robert Parry Nantmawr Labourer


Richard Jones Bwlch Cottage, Trefonen Labourer


Elias Jones Nantmawr Rockman



30 March 1893

John Ellis Treflach Prov dealer


John Carsley Nantmawr, Trefonen Quarryman


Henry Goulding Trefonen Labourer



29 March 1894

Robert Probert Treflach Wood Labourer


Elliot Ellis Tytegwch, Treflach Stone cutter



28 March 1895

George Swannich Treflach Wood Labourer


William Morris Trefonen Labourer


David Bonner Nantmawr, Llanyblodwel Rockman




Parish constable were appointed to carry out various legal duties including serving summonses, executing warrants and appearing before magistrates. For performing these duties they were paid a fee as agreed at the Shropshire Quarter Sessions in October 1842.

 Example fees were as follows (taken from Ref 2):




For going to serve a Summons or execute a Warrant Sixpence per mile
For each Summons served 1 shilling
For each Warrant executed 2 shillings
For attending before the Magistrate 1 shilling
For each day when employed on duty Not less than 2s 6d, nor more than 5s.
For attending Assizes or Sessions Not exceeding 7s per day
For attending the Insolvent Court 5s per day
Taking charge of the courts at the Assizes and Sessions From 2s 6d to 5s per day
Giving notice to Coroners of deaths Not exceeding 4d per mile
Summoning Jurors for Inquest Not exceeding 2s
Each constable attending the Inquest and making return Not exceeding 2s 6d.
1.  Details extracted from Oswestry Town Council Petty Sessions    Records held on fiche at Oswestry Library (fiche nos 314 – 337).  
2.   “Table of Fees and Allowances to Parochial Constables” approved in 1842 at Shropshire October Sessions and in Whitehall.