OSW-NM-C-14-34 – Chirk Staff welcome Robert & Violet Myddelton 1898

We believe this photograph is the Chirk estate & house workers waiting to welcome Robert Myddlelton Biddulph &  his new wife Lady Cowley in July 1898. It was taken in the courtyard at Chirk, looking toward the entrance to the Cromwell Hall.   The couple were married in Chelsea on 19th July 1898.  The Border Counties Advertizer Newspaper  reported;

“The presentation was of a silver waiter bearing the inscription “This tray, together with the silver bowl, was presented by the tenants of Chirk Castle estate and other friends in the neighbourhood to Robt. Ed. Myddleton Biddulph Esq. on the occasion of his marriage with Lady Cowley, daughter of the Marquis of Abergavenny. July 23rd 1898″ and on the front the armorial bearings of the Biddulph and Abergavenny families: a silver bowl on an ebony plinth, bearing the Biddulph crest, and an album address containing a list of the subscribers…….”  This photograph, we believe, is linked with picture 28.