OSW-NM-O-5-17-32 – Rodney FOWLER – Dogcart

Oswestry Border Chroonicle  08th October 2015 “ The first car ever registered in Oswestry.  French made Georges Richard Dogcart which dates from 1899 bears a London registration and was bought by Ellis’ garage in Salop Road, Oswestry in 1904.  Current owner Helen PEACOP from Worcester daughter of Rodney FOWLER who bought it in 1983.  Car would have cost between £500 – £600 equivalent of £25,000 today.  Ellis’ garage owned the car until 1948 when it was bought by Jimmy CROSSMAN founder of Veteran Car Club GB. Rodney is still very keen to find out more of the cars history especially where it was between 1900 & 1904 before coming to Oswestry.