OSW-NM-O-5-3-27 – Duttons 1 Bailey Street

Dutton’s in 1908 shared the occupancy of Llwyd mansion with L HERR shoe merchant and G                                        DUTTON grocers (ac/to Verna Palmer p.8)

Picture of Dutton’s : Martin Bennett’s Oswestry in Old Picture Postcards

Dutton’s acquired their first shop premises in Oswestry in 1876.  The Llwyd Mansion had been refurbished by Stanley Leighton.  When the work was finished George Dutton and one of his sons started a grocery business with Mr T J Bradshaw and the firm was known as Dutton, Son & Bradshaw.  Until 1908 this was a private family business, but then it was turned into a limited company with H B Dutton & T J Bradshaw as joint managing directors.  Originally Dutton’s had the front part of the Llwyd Mansion, but when the property came up for sale, they decided not to buy it, but to purchase instead the rear portion which became Number 1 Bailey Street.  The firm remained here until recently, when the business was closed down.