OSW-NM-O-5-74-4 – Llwyn House, Oswestry c1860

Llwyn House, Oswestry – we don’t believe this house was ever in this road but unable to decide were else to file it.

The Architect James Blake presented this engraving to “The Building News” in March 1860 of a house “in course of erection” in Oswestry.  The description puts it in the region of Llwyn Road but we can find no record of such a great house built at this time, James Blake died two months after publication, so we believe it was never completed.

We have found on the 1871 & 1881 census a Llwyn House listed between Llwyn Villas & Llwyn Cottage on Llwyn Road. However, given that it is occupied by a retired farmer and family with 2 servants it seems unlikely that this would be enough staff to run a property of the above engraving.  We can find occupants of this Llwyn House up until 1937.

We are hoping that someone has a photograph of the more modern Llwyn House to confirm that it is not the one in the above picture or may even know about the grand house that is shown in the picture.

There is a Llwyn Mansion in Llanfyllin but we don’t believe it looked like this building.