OSW-NM-O-FireService- 5 – New Station 1901

Picture taken from From Verna Palmer’s – A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards – the caption reads “ This photograph was taken on the Horsemarket, where the fire engines were housed.  Prominent in the centre is Captain Lacey.  Other members of the fire brigade in 1900 were: Smith, Oliver, Beaton, T. Morris, Richardson, Ed Davies, Jack Brook, Roberts and the improbably named Sardust.  The firehouse was built on the Horsemarket in 1901 to house the manual fire engines, on horse cart and one ladder cart.  About 1907 the Corporation bought a horse drawn Strand-Mason steam fire engine, the horses being provided by the Corporation and local carters.  Eventually the engine was drawn by moror transport and attended its last fire at Llynclls Farm on 14th March 1932.”   We know now believe that the man named Sardust was called Smout. See more information under Picture FireService-4