OSW-NM-P-30-59 – Alfred Wallace JONES – WW1

WW1 Photograph of Alfred Wallace JONES, KSLI – All photographs supplied by his Granddaughter Anita PRITCHARD nee BENNETT – I also have a very touching story. My Nanna Mrs Eva Jones was living at home with her parents, in No 3 Church Terrace [ the present Heritage and Exhibition centre] during the war While my Granddad Wallace was with the KSLI in France. At the end of the war when the soldiers returned home they arrived at Oswestry Railway station and my Nanna rushed there with my Mother, who had been born while he was away. She told us how there were naturally crowds there and no one knew whether their loved ones had survived and were coming home. She said the returning soldiers were marched off the train very dirty and weary and it was impossible to pick out individuals. My Grandparents had always had a special tune that they whistled to each other and my Nanna started to whistle, then to her joy she heard my Granddad whistle back. She told us she ran home crying with joy. Later when the soldiers were cleaned up, and, as she put it “deloused” they were able to return home. When he arrived at the door it took her quite a while to realise it was really him. My Grandparents moved in to No1 Church Terrace where my Mother grew up and I was born there during the Second World War, when my Mother stayed with her parents whilst my Father was away fighting. My grandparents lived there until the 1950’s. Church Terrace is a very special place in my heart and I always visit when in Oswestry, then feel I have really been home. 2018