OSW-NP-O-5-21-12 – Girls Modern School Play 1960

From  Border Counties Advertizer  10 Nov 2015

The Girls’ and Boys’ Modern Schools were originally in Albert Road – one building and two separate entrances for the different sexes. When the new Boys’ Modern School was built in the 1960s on Morda Road,  the Girls took over the whole of Albert Road. Later the Girls moved up to the back of the old Fairholme and were housed in huts which backed on to  Penylan Lane. They retained Albert Road for Domestic Science lessons.

In 1979 under re-organisation to comprehensive education the Boys’ and Girls’ Modern Schools formed the site for Croeswylan School and in 1980 when I joined the staff of Croeswylan, we were based on the Morda Road/Penylan Lane area (now the Marches site) with Albert Road still in use for Domestic Science.

The Girls’ and Boys’ High Schools together with the National School in Welsh Walls formed the site for Fitzalan School under the 1979 reorganisation.