OSW-NP-O-5-6-174 – E Jones Waterloo House Church Street 1873

E Jones, Waterloo House, 5 Church Street Advert taken from Henry Rices’Journal            March 1873

According to Watkins Book – No. 5 Church Street (Boots) has been wholly transformed.  Previously it was a plain building, called Waterloo House with a residence in the rear.  The occupants, principally drapers, are as follows:- Messrs. John Bradshaw (1840) William Morris Davies (1845) who died in 1958, David Williams whol died in 1870, Edward Jones (1870) Davies & Edwards, who in 1883 left for No.1 The Cross, Henry Syars (tobacconist and hair dresser) Evan Jones (1886), draper from No.13 The Cross who in 1887 was joined by William Morris (son of Mr William Morris of Glantanat Ucha & Lloran Ucha) under the style of Jones & Morris.