OSW-NP-O-5-72-13 – Re-opening of Swimming Baths

Re-Opening of Oswestry Corporation Baths found for customer Terry Butler

Border Counties Advertizer 22 April 1959

Terry Butler writes:  I do remember very well the Baths Manager, Mr Hughes. He and his family were Welsh. They had a daughter Nerys. I recall he had lost a part of one finger.

The date must have been in the 50’s as I left the High School in 59 and I was certainly in school when I took that plunge!

Behind the Officials was the girls changing cubicles. The lads had to make do with cubicles around the pool or even the boiler room if it was busy.

The water in the pool was changed weekly on a Saturday. We were allowed into the pool on Saturday and you can imagine the fun as the water drained away until we were just paddling in the shallow end. It became quite crowded. The pool was refilled over Saturday night.

The water was purified during the week mainly by shovels of lime (or some other chemical).  By Saturday the water was very murky and it was a pleasure to swim on a Sunday when once again we could see the bottom in the 3ft! .