OSW-NP-WW1-211 – Reid Sister

pdficon_large  NP-WW1-211 – Reid Sister

The postcard was donated to us by Rick Richards and he has sent the following information:

My name is Rick Richards and I have a keen interest in collecting and researching postcards from WW1. I believe I have a card written by Nurse Reid and sent from France in 1915. I have attached 2 scans which will hopefully print out ok. I think the addressee is a Miss Ivy Astle or Aster but I can’t find anymore information, Nurse Reid has authorised the card (for free post) in the bottom left. The postmark is “Field Post Office A.3” which equates to the 3rd Army in France, and the date is 12 Aug 1915. The red triangle is the censor stamp in use at that time. The number in the triangle is 1175. Numbers were allocated to specific units but in this case my reference index does not list the user.

I found your article about Nurse Reid to be very interesting and my simple card is now transformed into something a bit more meaningful. That’s what I love about the research!


I hope that you might find that the scans are a nice addition to Nurse Reid’s history. Feel free to reproduce them and use them as you see fit.


Yours sincerely

Rick Richards