OSW-PC-O-FireService- 4 – Winners of Firefighting Comp

Fire Crew who won the Dolgelley Challenge Sheild – 1891, The Bailey Head

The sheild that is placed on the floor is the Dolgelley Challenge Sheild for Firefighting which as a drill competition. (see attached picture)

 This fire engine was purchased in 1898. I believe that this particular one was scrapped during WW2. However the fire engine that was used before this one and also alongside it was a manual Shand and Mason Horse Drawn fire engine. This was gifted to the Oswestry Volunteer Fire Brigade in 1887. This fire engine is currently fully intact and in fantastic condition stored at Oswestry Fire Station.  Katy Lowe      sfrshistory@yahoo.co.uk http://sfrshistory.wordpress.com/projects/  also help received from www.svvs.org