OSW-PH-B-107-2 – Summerhouse Blodwell Hall

Building in the garden of Blodwel Hall. (Earl of Bradford). Stanley Leighton Sketches
This edifice, erected about 1720, sometimes called the Chapel, but probably nothing more than a magnified surner-house, is one of the few indications left here, of the residence of the Bridgemans, except a monument erected to Sir John Bridgeman and his wife Ursula Mathews in Blodwel Church, and the ruinous gate-pillars of the preceding sketch. There is some work in the gardens at Castle Bromwich similar in style to this building. Sir John Bridgeman died in 1747. and his grandson was raised to the peerage in 1794.

Under the Blodwel rocks, which is the name given to the Northern face of the Llanymynech Hills, stood Blodwel Hall, the residence of the family of Mathews. The hall is gone, and a farm house covers a portion of the offices. The uncared-for remnants of the entrance gates, stand in a field some way from the house, surmounted by the Bridgeman crest, in a dilapidated state, a “demi lion rampant holding between the paws a wreath of laurel”, but the laurel crown is gone.