OSW-PH-M-21-8 – Morton Hall, Morton

Morton Hall. Oswestry. (Earl of Bradford.)  Stanley Leighton Sketch
Sir Orlando Bridgeman, Ld. Keeper in Charles II’s time, married Judith d. and h. of John Kynaston of Morton. In this house, his father, the Bishop of Chester, is said to have lived after resigning his Sea: and here he died in 1652 and was buried in the Church of Kinnerly where there is a monument to his memory. There are portraits of the Bishop at the Palace, Chester; at the Hall, Wigan; of which town he was rector, and at Weston, where there is also one of his wife, Elizabeth Helyar. The Bishop’s motto was Dei gratia, pons  homini which may be translated ‘By God’s grace, a Bridge man’.

This house,which had long been used as a farm house, was entirely demolished in 1874 by the Earl of Bradford, and a new one built on the site.