OSW-PH-O-5-59-6 – Arriva Midland North Depot – 2000

Arriva Midlands North, Oswald Road Bus Depot, 23 Jan 2000  

Oswestry Library held a “Trip Down Memory Lane” on 13 September 2013 and a gentleman came in and told us about his work in WW11 – this building was taken over by Coventry Climax Engines who had to move to Oswestry after the bombing of their city in 1940. One of the engines made in Oswestry was for fire pumps & generators for lighting airfields.   If you refer to picture 9 in Church Street – in the gap in the buildings behind the van on the left hand side of photograph, market stalls were erected as the Market Hall was being using for Coventry Climax Engines machine tools, the companies offices were in Oakhurst Road (Mount Zion, the Girls High School) and the canteen was on the Cross, what is now Edinburgh Woollen Mill.