OSW-PH-O-5-6-115 – The Ogilvy Monument 1905

The Ogilvy Monument c1906 – The Ogilvy Monument, a replica of St. Martin’s Cross on Iona, was erected by the people of Oswestry in memory of former vicar of Oswestry Parish Church, the Rev. Norman Ogilvy, in 1903.  Behind the monument, the half-timbered building is the original Oswestry School, which was founded in 1407 by David Holbache, and is the oldest grammar school in Shropshire.  By 1776 these premises had become too small, so a new school was built near the site where the Battle of Maserfield is believed to have taken place.  Information taken from a book “A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards” by Verna Palmer

This is a copy of a postcard loaned to us by George & Margaret JONES in February 2018