OSW-PH-O-5-7-31 – Beckitt’s Grocery Store, The Cross

Beckitt’s Stores, Cross Street, Oswestry – copy of a much larger photograph stored in the rolling stack.  The picture is from a book The Pictorial History of Oswestry 1850-1950 compiled by Bernard Mitchell.  The caption reads; “ The history of this building can be traced back to 1845 when it was two separate establishments.  The left hand part housed the North and Central Wales banking Company, under the management of Thomas Hughes.  The right hand side was a milliners.  John & Peter Thomas took over both sometime before 1852, when it was bought by Richard Jones, a hatter.  During his occupation the Young Men’s Institute used an upper room as a Library and Reading Room.  In 1885 another set of Jones took over and named the business ‘the London Tea Establishment’.  In turn they were succeeded by G Griffiths, who traded as G Griffiths and Company until 1990 when Mr. Beckett took over.”