OSW-PH-O-5-78-11 – Glentworth House Sales Brochure

PH-O-5-78-11 – Glentworth House Sales Brochure

Sales Brochure for Glentworth House pre 1995 (area code on telephone number) believed to be 1992 Estate Agents John German.

Shropshire Sites and Monuments Records which say that the ornamental pond was where Glentworth Wood now stands and it was noted on the 1841 Tithe Map. It also appeared on the 2nd edition O.S. map, was elongated in shape and there was also a boathouse and footbridge marked.

At some point in the 20th century (possibly after the drowning you said you had heard about) it was drained and the trees were planted.

Property looks to be under renovation November 2017 as they have cut down surrounding trees and you can actually see the property which you couldn’t before.