OSW-PH-T-13-8 – Treflach Hall 1872

Treflach Hall. Trefonen. Oswestry. (G.Dumville Lees.)  Volume 4 Stanley Leighton Sketches
This place was the residence of the family of Evans in the 16th. and 17th. centuries. It is built of stone, with red chimnies, and there is some plaster work on the ceiling of one of the rooms, embellished with a little colour. Of this family was ‘Roger Evans. who listed himself as a soldier in the Parliament army, and being a proper and strong man, and a person of good courage, he was first made a captain, and afterwards a Collonell. He had a cut with a sword over his face, just between the end of his nose and his mouth, which left a scar about a finger long, which continued as long as he lived, and was all he got by the warrs.” (Gough’s History of Myddle). His son Richard, an idle fellow, was killed in a drunken brawl, at Myddle, in 1704, not however before he had sold the estate to the Hunts of Boreatton.

Treflach became merged in the Woodhill property in the 18th. century, and passed, I presume, through the family Jones, to that of Venables, and was sold by the latter to the late Mr. Lees about 1850.