OSW-NM-W-12-16 – Wilkinson-Hollis Family West Felton

pdficon_largeWilkinson-Hollis Family West Felton

Picture 1 – Mary Clarissa Wilkinson nee Hollis 1875 unk place

Picture 2 – Mary Wilkinson

Picture 3 – Wilkinson House, West Felton

Picture 4 – William & Mary Wilkinson c1895

Picture 5 – William Henry Wilkinson 1876-1940

Some 50 years ago the Wilkinson family bought Laburnam Cottage, The Avenue, West Felton from Mrs Hollis. The Mill, not Mill House, stands behind it. Both the Mill and Laburnam Cottage are built in the same yellow stone and the cottage, together with a bungalow nearby were built by Mr Hollis. We do not know when the cottage and bungalow were built, but in the 20th century.  We don’t recognise the picture or the name, Mill House. It’s possible Mill House is the house in the picture and it was demolished, the stone reused to build the cottage.  The Mill, Laburnam Cottage and the bungalow are still there. The bungalow was occupied by a member of the Hollis family, then by the Royle family who owned the garage in West Felton.